Why explore Neptune, and buy me a Pizza!

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Hot as ice

Neptune, along with its cousin Uranus, is the least-explored planet in our solar system, having been visited by a spacecraft only once. Yet that one Voyager flyby of this exotic ice giant has turned our understanding of planet formation on its head. Here’s my article for The Planetary Society on why we should send missions to Neptune and its moon Triton.

Why explore Neptune

More planets and worlds

The Neptune page is part of the resource pages that The Planetary Society is building for people to learn why and how we explore space. Check out the pages on other planets and worlds here.

Your guide to the Solar System 🚀

I feel very proud that I have written five of these pages for them! And I’d like to take this space (no pun intended) to thank Jason Davis for giving me these opportunities and for mentoring me. :)

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Public talk on the Moon

I’ve been attending the excellent popular science talk series called Chai and Why? here in Mumbai, India since six years now. And now I get to be their next speaker! Join me this Sunday for an online public session, and do bring kids of all ages. 🤓

Why aren’t we living on the Moon?