About that water on the Moon..

Clearing misconceptions about the discovery of lunar water by NASA’s SOFIA telescope.

NASA and the Germany space agency’s airborne SOFIA telescope has detected water on the Moon’s surface. There are many misconceptions floating around this discovery so I’ve written an article to clarify the nature of the findings, and what it means for lunar science and exploration.

On the SOFIA discovery of Moon water

The story of how NASA and ISRO discovered water on the Moon spans over two decades. I’ve updated my article on the same to include the SOFIA discovery and put it in context.

Discovering water on the Moon

Note that water isn’t the only reason to care about the Moon. If you want a comprehensive summary of why we should explore the Moon and what missions have taught us so far, here’s my flagship article, if there’s even such a thing as a writer’s flagship article. :)

Why explore the Moon

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