The Planetary Society

A new title, and lots of resources to learn about space exploration.

Dear readers,

I just wanted to quickly drop a professional update. I’m delighted to share with you that I’m now a Contributing Editor for The Planetary Society! :D

You can read my articles for them here.

The Planetary Society has been building comprehensive resource pages for anyone to learn why and how we explore space, all that we learnt so far, and what’s next. As part of this effort, I’ve been writing some of these space guides for them throughout this year. Check out their curated resource collection here.

Planets & worlds of the Solar System 🪐

Every space mission, ever 🛰

They also have guides on the Night Sky, Space Policy and more.

Writing for a global organization like them, with a fascinating and influential history, is full of learnings, joy, purpose and satisfaction. I’d like to take this space (no pun intended) to publicly thank Jason Davis for giving me these writing opportunities and for mentoring me. :)

Here’s to much more communication of space exploration and science! 🚀

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